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Project: You can enjoy bikes more: 0-4 Drag Race

Let's challenge the drag race with your bike, well-known in the motor sports. This 0-4 race course is 4 meters long. Let's enjoy the highest tension in the world if you will get a chance for the race, it completes only two seconds. We also have a Professional Class with an indulgent regulation. We are waiting for your challenge in this class with your Super-sprint-special-customized machine!!

[ Regulations ]
This race is for 2 riders. When a start signal blinks, riders can start to a finish line 4 meters in front. The faster rider wins this race and goes next. The winner will get a prize!
The regulations follow the ones of ordinary drag races. However, we have special regulations. Such as, you will lose if you put your feet on the floor, fall down, and go out of the course. Soon after you pass a goal line, you must stop safely within 4 meters. Regulations might be changed for your safety.

[ How to play the race? ]
・ Starting position: Standing start
・ A rider can be supported to keep stable by a supporter in starting.
・ Starting signal will be used.
・ Your front wheel must touch the earth when you pass the start & goal line, in order to time the race and decide the winner.
* When the time system doesn't work because of your wheelie riding, you might be disqualified.
x Once you are out of the course through the race. (You cannot return to the race)
x Putting your feet on the floor, falling down in the race area.
x Not be able to stop within 4 meters after passing the goal line.
x Dropping oil, water, or any liquid in the course.

[ Classification ]
・ The referee finally decides the classification.
・ For your safety, some of too-much-customized bikes might be refused the admission.
For entry Start
・ General class
・ Bikes for general use.
・ Any kinds of bikes, wheel size, manufacturers.
・ Professional class
・ Amateurs are welcomed
・ No limit of customizing
・ Racing bikes are welcomed.
・ Power assisted bikes
・ Not only electric power, such as spirals, pressure tanks, and energy system. Major power must be by human. Tandem is allowed.

[ Bikes ]
・ Size: within 3 meters long, 0.9 meters width, and 2 meters height including a rider.
・ Bikes: Man-powered system with wheels. (Except for Power assisted class)
・ The rider must be on the bikes although the race.
・ Needs to stop within 4 meters after passing a goal line.Bikes for Stock class need to be made from commercial bikes keep the original shape.
x Using spiked wheels, ski stocks, chemicals to wheels, so as getting rough the course.
x Dropping, extending and shortening any parts. (Suspensions are allowed)

[ Start & Time ]
Xmas tree (Start Signal) will flash for a start. Pro Start is for Professional Class, and Stock Start is for Stock Class & Power assisted Class. Time of 0.001 seconds can be recorded and 0.01 seconds will be displayed.Lights on the right side of the Xmas tree indicate the right side course, and ones on the left side indicate the left course.
Stand in a starting area and have some procedures that we call it "Staging". Staging: You first put a front wheel on a stage line, and then the pre-stage light flashes. Next you pass the stage line and stay in front of a start line, the stage light flashes. You can do "Staging" whenever you want, so that you can concentrate on the race and watch your competitor.After both riders finish "Staging", there is a pause. Three amber lights flash every 0.5 seconds in turn and then the green light flashes for your start. Off course you can predict the timing and start. However, if you start before the green light flashes, the red light will flash and it means you make a false start and lose. The time from third amber light flashes until you pass the start line will be recorded as the reaction time. The minimum reaction time is 0.50 seconds.
Same as Stock start, you stand in a starting area and do "Staging". Your skillful "Staging" can make your competitor puzzled. After both riders finish "Staging", there is a pause. Three amber lights flash in 0.4 seconds simultaneously then the green light flashes for your start. If you start before the green light flashes, the red light will flash and it means you make a false start and lose. This Pro start is much more difficult than Stock start. The minimum reaction time is 0.40 seconds.

[ Others ]
・ For admission, you have to sign the contract.
・ For your safety, please take and put a helmet and body protectors by yourself.
・ Enjoy the very unique and super-sprint race of the bike history!!
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